Dar Mar is a Hostel & Co-working place featuring Private Rooms, Dorms Options, various working spaces, one Restaurant & Bar and one swimming pool. Dar Mar aims to offer its guests comfort, good vibes and a perfect work environment to delight all the travelers wishing to meet, work or escape in paradise. 

Dar Mar is located in the center of the village of Paje. This area is a very dynamic place, accommodating many restaurants, shops and venues.

Dar Mar accommodates working space areas (inside and outside) with a high speed internet (22mdbs) and sockets at disposal.

Kindly note that the guests staying in Dar Mar have free and unlimited access to the coworking areas.

For more information about the room types, availability, day work visits, work amenities and prices please send us an e-mail at info@feelsavannah.com.


Dar Mar Hostel and Co-working Paje Gallery