Let’s start our day getting to know history of Zanzibar and Stone Town itself, get closer to local life in town, meeting the second largest type of turtles in the world on Prison Island and ending our day enjoying on the sand-only island – Nakupenda, as you deserved after a long day.

-Stone Town: let us introduce you to the heart of Zanzibar – historical center Stone Town! A labyrinth of chaotic alleyways interposed between towering limestone houses with ornately carved arched hardwood doors and terracotta roofs. Stone Town is a melting pot of cultures and one of the last remaining ancient towns in Africa. It offers a rare cultural and historical insight into a former era of trade and exploration.

Walking through UNESCO World Heritage old town with the experienced guide we will explore Forodhani Garden, Darajani market, Old Slave market with Anglican Cathedral, St. George Catholic Cathedral, Old Arab fort, Sultan’s Palace, House of Wonders, Freddie Mercury house and best of all – atmosphere of the narrow streets where your senses will be overwhelmed with the scent of the sea and spice and the calls to prayer echoing from the minarets.

Prison Island: The place where you would like to be arrested! Jokes aside, Prison Island never lived up to its name. A few kilometers away from Stone Town you will find a wonderful island with an interesting story and amazing nature. It was originally used to detain rebel slaves and later as a quarantine station. Changuu is best known for its large family of giant tortoises, that were in 1919 given as a gift to Zanzibar by the governor of Seychelles, endemic to one of their islands Aldabra. These giants can live more than 200 years, weight up to 250kg. The oldest one on Prison Island is believed to be 197 years old! Other species inhabiting the island are colorful peacocks, and dik-diks – small, shy and tiny type of the African antelope.

Nakupenda: Always dreamed of a desert island? We can say there are few of them belonging to Zanzibar archipelago, but Nakupenda one is the most beautiful ones. Nakupenda sand bank, translated as “I love you” in Swahili, is only 30 minutes away from Stone Town by boat. This is surely a place where you will feel the world belongs to you. Turquoise water, white sand, the smell of fresh fruits (carved freshly for you) and nothing else.

Inclusions: Licensed guide, entrances fee to Slave trade museum, boat, entrance fee to prison building and tortoise sanctuary, fresh fruit, bottled water on the boat.

Exclusions: Individual expenses, lunch on a break, guide tip

Duration: 8h


Stone Town, Nakupenda, Prison Island Gallery